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  • Yokogawa YHC Portable HART Communicator, Field YHC4150X

Yokogawa YHC Portable HART Communicator, Field YHC4150X

2015-06-17 20:07:21


The YHC4150X HART Communicator is the latest HART communicator from Yokogawa Corporation of America. All HART field devices can be configured, polled, and trimmed using the YHC4150X with HART communications. The YHC4150X is a full function HART Communicator supporting Universal, Common Practice and Device Specific commands for commissioning, configuration and maintenance operations.……


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Yokogawa YHC5150X Portable Hart Communicator 
1.Manufactured by Yokogawa. 
2.Part number YHC5150X. 

Yokogawa Releases YHC5150X FieldMate Handheld Communicator

YHC5150X FieldMate Handheld Communicator

On this date, Yokogawa Electric Corporation has released the YHC5150X FieldMate handheld communicator in all markets other than Japan. The YHC5150X is a full function DD* Direct HART communicator that supports Universal, Common Practice, and Device Specific commands for commissioning, configuration, and maintenance operations.

Developed and manufactured by Yokogawa Corporation of America, the YHC5150X FieldMate handheld communicator is the successor to the YHC4100 HART communicator and the YHC4150X portable HART communicator, of which thousands of units have been sold worldwide. With new functions that satisfy the latest market needs, the YHC5150X will make it possible for Yokogawa to capture a larger share of the market.

Development Background

HART communicators are used in a variety of industries to configure, poll, and trim HART field devices. The YHC5150X features enhanced DD functionality and a Windows CE based system for faster processing and greater storage capacity. In addition to having a user friendly, ergonomic design, this communicator is certified to be in compliance with key global safety standards.

Product Features

  1. Reads manufacturers' DDs in their native format without the need for translation 
    Most HART communicators on the market today require you to download DD files from a website after they have been released from the HART Foundation and translated. With the YHC5150X, there is no waiting for quarterly releases or updates from websites. The YHC5150X allows users to download these files directly from the manufacturer and in their native format, for both registered and unregistered devices.

  2. Enhanced 4.3" diagonal color anti-glare touchscreen (no stylus required)
    The YHC5150X features an enhanced anti-glare color touchscreen. This display is clearly legible in direct sunlight, and the touchscreen can be operated without a stylus.

    Another special feature of this display is the ability to set up shortcut keys for items in the HART menu tree. Instead of having to repeatedly push the Back button to move around inside the menu tree, users can immediately access the desired menu item.

  3. Full QWERTY keyboard for commissioning
    Users now have a full QWERTY keyboard for inputting tags and other data when commissioning a product. No longer is it necessary to hold down the Shift key and select a numerical key to input an alphabetic character.


Class I, Division I Group IIC (US/Canada) 
ATEX Zone 0 Group IIC (Europe) 
IECex Zone 0 Group IIC (Asia, South America, Africa)

HART Compliance

The HART compliant modem communicates with any registered or unregistered HART device, even those using the HART 6 and 7 device communication protocols.

Major Target Markets

Oil and gas upstream and downstream, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and power

Main Applications

Commissioning, configuration, and maintenance of registered and unregistered HART devices