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ABB TSP311 Temperature Sensors: 




TSP311-A5K1N3Z9D1D6P2B2L1H6 AZ.CD.GHE.P3.V8.M5



ABB SensyTemp TSP311, TSP321, TSP331 Temperature Sensors

ABB TSP311 temperature transmitter is a heavy duty modular type temperature sensor without thermowell which used for insertion in an existing or separate thermowell, sensor can be replaced during operation, transmitter head can be either integrated or remote mounted, both RTD and thermocouple sensors accepted, sensor meets SIL2 approval when integrated with transmitter.

Main application for this heavy duty RTD or thermocouples temperature sensors is the pipe an tank engineering in high process requirements (e.g. offshore). It communicate with FOUNDATION Fieldbus, PROFIBUS PA, HART, 4 … 20 mA or direct sensor output.

SensyTemp TSP300 series sensors allow for measuring inset replacement during operation. With their short response time and high vibration resistance these devices meet the most demanding process requirements.

TSP311 without thermowell

– Insertion in an existing thermowell

TSP321 with welded tubular thermowell

– Screw-in thread, flange, compression fitting

TSP331 with drilled thermowell

– Screw-in thread, flange, weld-in socket

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