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Festo ADN-25-10-A-P-A Compact air cylinder - 536252, double-acting ADN, ISO cylinder to ISO 21287 for fixed or self-adjusting cushioning with high variance. 100% New & Original, at stock, low price promotion.

FESTO ADN series of compact pneumatic cylinder are up to 50% smaller than standard pneumatic cylinders for maximum productivity in confined spaces. These double acting pneumatic actuators have dual connection ports for compressed air to be applied for advancing and retracting the piston rod. The extensive range of stroke length and bore size variants in the ADN series can be configured to suit a broad range of applications.

The ADN series is a double acting actuator with air applied to extend and to retract the piston in a linear motion to the desired stroke length. Magnetic piston rods allow contactless position detection via a proximity sensor mounted in slots along the cylinder body. Cylinders are fitted with flexible polymer end cushioning helping to reduce noise and vibration, prolong service life and increase production and productivity.

Festo Compact cylinders ADN/AEN:






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