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ABB 1SFL471001R8411 A145-30-11 110V 50Hz / 110-120V 60Hz Contactor. Long Description:A 3-phase Contactor suitable for various applications such as Motor starting, Isolation, By-pass and Distribution application up to max 1000 V.Operated with control voltage, versions from 24….690 AC, 50 and 60 Hz.

ABB contactors

A145-30-11-58 1SFL471001R5811

A145-30-11-59 1SFL471001R5911

A145-30-11-80 1SFL471001R8011

A145-30-11-81 1SFL471001R8111

A145-30-11-84 1SFL471001R8411

A145-30-11-85 1SFL471001R8511

A145-30-11-86 1SFL471001R8611

A145-30-11-87 1SFL471001R8711

A145-30-11-88 1SFL471001R8811

A145-30-11-89 1SFL471001R8911

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