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Rosemount 8800DF005SA1N2F1I1M5A10Q4 Flanged Vortex Flow Meter, 0.5 Inch (DN15).A gasket-free, non-clog meter body that eliminates potential leak points. Isolated sensors offer flow and temperature sensor replacement without breaking the process seal.

Rosemount 8800DF005 Flanged Vortex Flow Meter, 0.5 Inch (DN15)

Flowmeter Accuracy: ± 0.65 % of rate for liquids, ± 1% of rate for gas and steam.

Wetted Material: Stainless Steel - 316 ⁄ 316L and CF3MNickel Alloy C22 and CW2Mconsult factory for other wetted material options.

Flange Options: ANSI Class 150 to 1500 DIN PN 10 to PN 160 JIS 10K to 40KFlanges are available in a variety of facings.

Operating Temperatures: -330°F to 800°F (-200°C to 427°C).

Line Size: Flanged - ½ in to 12 in (15 to 300 mm)

Rosemount 8800DF005 Flanged Vortex Flow Meter Features

● An isolated sensor allows for inline replacement without breaking the process seal

● Increase plant availability and eliminate potential leak points with a unique gasket-free meter body design

● Eliminate downtime and maintenance costs associated with plugged impulse lines with a non-clog meter body design

● Achieve vibration immunity with a mass balanced sensor and Adaptive Digital Signal Processing with visual filtering

● A standard internal signal generator included in every meter simplifies electronics verification

● All meters arrive pre-configured and hydrostatically tested, making them ready and easy to install

● Simplify SIS compliance with available dual and quad Vortex flow meters

● Detect liquid to gas phase change using Smart Fluid Diagnostics

Rosemount 8800D Vortex Flowmeter




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