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Allen-Bradley 836T-D460JX40 836T Pressure Controls - Traditional Machine Tool, D - Style Pressure Difference Control. 9 psi. Enclosure Type 1, 4 and 13 Industrial use.. D.P.D.T. , 4 - circuit contact block. No Modifications, No Modifications, No Pilot Lights.

Allen-Bradley Bulletin 836T Externally Adjustable Electromechanical Pressure Controls

Bulletin 836T Externally Adjustable Electromechanical Pressure Controls meet the traditional requirements of the transportation and machine tool industries. Proven dependability and construction make this line of pressure controls well-suited for these and other rugged applications.

Pressure Controls

● Externally adjustable ranges from 30 in. Hg vacuum to 5000 psi

● Externally adjustable differential from 1.5...3000 psi

● Bellows type available in copper alloy or stainless steel

● Piston type actuators available with or without seal

● 2-circuit or 4-circuit electrically isolated contacted blocks

● Available in Type 1, 4 & 13, 4X, and 7 & 9, 4 & 13 combination enclosures

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