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ABB Electromagnetic flowmeter FEP321-200H1A1A1B0A1A2A1A0 ProcessMaster FEP300.

ABB Electromagnetic flowmeter

ProcessMaster FEP300

The modular design of the ProcessMaster FEP300 standard version offers the industry´s widest range of liners electrodes and sizes to meet the needs of even the most demanding process applications in sectors as diverse as chemical, power, oil & gas, pulp & paper and metals  & mining. Available as integral mount design or remote mount design system.

ProcessMaster FEP300 is a versatile, reasonably priced, most accurate flow meter tailored for all process industry applications. A flowmeter with base functionality, short delivery and a simple and clearly understandable documentation.   

ABB ProcessMaster FEP300 Electromagnetic flowmeter

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