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Rosemount 3051TG4A2B21AKDM5HR5 Pressure Transmitter, Rosemount 3051T In-Line Pressure Transmitter. Rosemount 3051T In-Line Pressure Transmitters are the industry standard for gage and absolute pressure measurement. The in-line, compact design allows the transmitter to be connected directly to a process for quick, easy and cost effective installation. 

Capabilities include:

■ The Loop Integrity Diagnostic continuously monitors the electrical loop to detect changes that compromise the integrity of the transmitted 4-20 mA output signal (Option Code DA0).

■ LOI with straightforward menus and built-in configuration buttons (option code M4).

■ Safety certification (option code QT).

Model codes: 3051TG4A2B21AKDM5HR5

Product series: Rosemount 3051T In-Line Pressure Transmitter

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