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Festo LRP-1/4-4 Precision pressure regulator, Part number: 159501.


● Pilot-controlled precision diaphragm regulator

● Lockable design

● Good regulation characteristics with minimal pressure hysteresis and primary pressure compensation

● High secondary venting

● Seals material: NBR

Precision pressure regulators LRP/LRPS, size 50

The precision pressure regulator controls the operating pressure (secondary side) using a diaphragm pilot control. This acts on the main seat and thus improves the regulating characteristics.

Ordering data:

159500 LRP-1/4-0.7

162834 LRP-1/4-2.5

159502 LRP-1/4-10

549918 LRP-1/4-0.7-EX4

549919 LRP-1/4-2.5-EX4

549920 LRP-1/4-4-EX4

549921 LRP-1/4-10-EX4

194690 LRPS-1/4-0.7

194691 LRPS-1/4-2.5

194692 LRPS-1/4-4

194693 LRPS-1/4-10


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