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  • Conductivity Sensor SC4AJ

Conductivity Sensor SC4AJ

2016-05-27 14:48:30


Yokogawa has been supplying superior on-line analyzers for monitoring or controlling the conductivity of liquid or solutions. Now, Yokogawa provides the SC450G four-wire conductivity/resistivity converter, the SC202G and SC202S two-wire conductivity/resistivity transmitters, and the SC100 panel mount conductivity converter. Yokogawa also provides many kinds of sensors for accurately measuring liquid conductivity when using converters/transmitters. The combination of Yokogawa's converters/transmitter and sensors meets the demanding ultrapurewater requirements of the growing semiconductor and pharmacentical markets in addition to traditional water quality measurements for standard power plant and chemical applications. The SC4AJ conductivity sensor has a convenient, compact design and is widely used in various applications including boiler water and hydroponics conductivity measurement and pure water resistivity measurement in the semiconductor, food, pharmaceutical, and power industries.……



Conductivity Sensor SC4AJ

Object of measurement

Conductivity of liquids or solutions
Measuring principleTwo-electrode system
Cell constant0.02 cm-1, 0.1cm-1
Measuring range0 - 0.5 to 0 - 200 μS/cm (Cell constant: 0.02 cm-1)
(with SC450G, SC202)
0 - 100 μS/cm to 0 - 1 mS/cm (Cell constant: 0.02 cm-1)
(with SC100)
0 - 5 μS/cm to 0 - 1 mS/cm (Cell constant: 0.1 cm-1)
(with SC450G, SC202)
0 - 500 μS/cm to 0 - 5 mS/cm (Cell constant: 0.1 cm-1)
(with SC100; Material: Titanium)
Temperature Range0 to 110℃ (For electrode)
Sterilization for electrode135℃ (275℉), within 30 minutes in Steam Sterilization
Pressure range0 to 1 MPa (For electrode)
Sample solution conditionAlthough flow rate is not limited in measurement, air bubbles should not be mixed in the sample solutions to obtain correct measured values.
Temperature sensorPt1000
  Adapter mounting type (SC4AJ-S-AD-09-002-05): approx. 450 g
  Adapter mounting type (SC4AJ-S-AD-15-002-05): approx. 520 g
  Welding socket type (SC4AJ-S-SA-NN-002-05): approx. 670 g
  5" welding clamp type (SC4AJ-S-SB-NN-002-05): approx. 550 g
  2" welding clamp type (SC4AJ-S-SC-NN-002-05): approx. 670 g
  3/4" stainles steel adapter (/PS): approx. 110 g
  3/4" PVDF adapter (/PF) : approx. 35 g
  Straight welding socket (/SA1) : approx. 300 g
  Angle welding socket 15 (/SA2) : approx. 320 g
  Welding clamp 1" (/SB1) : approx. 330 g
  Welding clamp 1.5" (/SB2) : approx. 305 g
  Welding clamp 2" (/SC1) : approx. 350 g
Process connectionAdapter mounting, welding socket, welding clamp