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  • 12mm Digital smart pH Sensor SC25F

12mm Digital smart pH Sensor SC25F

2016-05-27 12:08:19


The SC25F is Yokogawa's first 12mm combination design digital smart pH sensor. It includes an integral temperature element and a Liquid earth electrode. This design provides a large electrolyte volume giving the sensor longer life than most comparable pH electrodes.……



12mm Digital smart pH Sensor SC25F

  • Solid Titanium LE electrode for stable measurements

  • Integral Pt1000 element for enhanced pH accuracy

  • Versatile in-line, immersion or off-line installation

  • CIP and Steam cleaning possible

  • large internal KCL volume giving the sensor a longer life time

  • low conductivity applications possible from 10µS

  • SC25F-ALP25 for chemically harsh applications and high temperature

  • SC25F-AGP25 for all General Purpose applications

  • Easy setup by sensor specific characteristics stored in the sensor itself

  • Simple maintenance by comprehensive design

  • CE, ATEX, CSA and FM Approval. However *Can only be used General Purpose at this time, because FLXA21 SENCOM® module and SPS24 Interface box are pending ICECx, ATEX, FM and CSA approval*