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  • Non-Dispersive Infrared Gas Analyzers (NDIR) IR100

Non-Dispersive Infrared Gas Analyzers (NDIR) IR100

2016-05-26 15:36:27


The IR100TA and IR100A, dedicated for analysis of either CO2, CO, or CH4, the IR100TB and the IR100B, dedicated for simultaneous analysis of CO2 and CO, are available. The analyzers are easy to maintain and works steadily over long periods. The ideal application of these analyzers are continuous measurement for the control and monitoring of combustion in various industrial furnaces as well as continuous measurement for the study of plants.……




  • Two available models: simultaneous dual-gas (CO and CO2) measurement model and single-gas dual-range measurement model

  • Stable operation over long periods

  • Influenced less by presence of another interfering gas

  • Easy maintenance

  • Wide variety of additional functions: self-diagnosis, simple calibration, automatic calibration, remote switching of the measuring range, and range identification


ModelsHorizontal model :IR100A (single-gas, dual-range analyzer),IR100B (dual-gas, dual-range analyzer)Vertical model :IR100TA (single-gas, dual-range analyzer),IR100TB (dual-gas, dual-range analyzer)
Measuring principleNon-dispersive infrared absorption, deflection method, single infrared-source, single-flux (single-beam)
Measured gasCO2, CO, CH4
Sample gas conditionsFlowrate: 0.5 to 1 l/min
Pressure: 500 Pa or more
Temperature: 0 to +50℃
Dust: 100μg/Nm3 with the particle size of 1μm or less
Mist: none
Humidity: Avoid concentration.Corrosive gases sampled:    NOx; 1000 ppm or less SO2; 1000 ppm or less HCl; 1 ppm or less Others; None
Measuring gas component and measuring rangeIR100A, IR100TA; single-gas dual-range analyzers CO2: 0-500 ppm to 0-100%CO: 0-500 ppm to 0-100%CH4: 0- 1000ppm to 0-100%IR100B, IR100TB; dual-gas dual-range analyzers CO2: 0- 5000ppm to 0-100%CO: 0-500 ppm to 0-100%
Output signalsOutput 1: 0 to 1 V DC, non-isolated, linearized output signals
Output 2: 4 to 20 mA (maximum allowable load resistance: 550 Ω), simultaneous, non-isolated, linearized signals
Ambient temperature-5 to 45℃
Ambient humidity90%RH or less
WeightsApprox. 12 kg
Power supply100 V AC, 115 V AC, 220 V AC(±10%)、50/60 Hz


Repeatability±0.5% FS for the primary range (lower range)
±1% FS for the secondary range (higher range)
Zero drift±2% FS/week
Span drift±2% FS/week
Response time
(90% response)
15 seconds or less including the time required for substitution of the sample cell


Blast furnaceCO; 0 to 40%   CO2; 0 to 30%, 0 to 40%, 0 to 50%
Converter furnaceCO; 0 to 100%   CO2; 0 to 100%
Electric furnaceCO; 0 to 100%   CO2; 0 to 100%
Coke ovenCO; 0 to 100%   CO2; 0 to 100%
Cement kilnCO; 0 to 1%, 0 to 5%
Coal kilnCO; 0 to 1%, 0 to 5%
Carbonizing furnaceCO2; 0 to 1%, 0 to 2%
Transforming furnaceCO2; 0 to 0.5%, 0 to 1%