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  • Yokogawa calibration services CA11E

Yokogawa calibration services CA11E

2015-06-18 09:18:25


 Both signal source and measurement functions  Simple operation, easy to use  Lightweight, compact body  Display resolution for current 0.001mA (CA11E)  Addition of loop check function (CA11E)  Source/measurement of 10 kinds of thermocouples (CA12E)  Addition of rubber boot as accessory……



Quick Details

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Features 1:

Source and Measuring of Voltage and Current

Features 2:

Improved display resolution for current

Features 3:

24 V (20 mA)/Loop check function

Features 4:

20 mA SINK Function

Features 5:

4-20 mA and 1-5 V DC Step-up/down Function

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:in Carton
Delivery Detail:4-6 weeks

Specifications - Model CA11E-1ions - Model CA11E-1

FeaturesSource and Measuring of Voltage and Current
Generates and measures voltages up to 30 V DC and currents up to 24 mA DC.

Improved display resolution for current
The generation/measurement resolution has improved to 0.001 mA.

24 V (20 mA)/Loop check function
Enables measurement of generated current signals while supplying loop power to two-wire transmitter. Load current: Max. DC22 A

20 mA SINK Function
Absorbs the voltage supplied from an external power supply to its H terminal and simulates a two-wire transmitter making it ideal for loop checks.

4-20 mA and 1-5 V DC Step-up/down Function
The output level can be changed between 4-8-12-16-20 mA signals by one touch for the 4-20 mA DC output, and between 1-2-3-4-5V signals for the 1-5 V DC output, for efficient calibration work.

Sweep Function
Increases and decreases the output level to the preset level at a constant rate for the selected sweep time (16 or 32 seconds). The sweep function and sweep time are set by the internal dip switches.

Standard AccessoriesCarrying Case

Power SupplyFour 1.5-V alkaline batteries (ANSI AA-size) or dedicated AC adapter (sold separately)

Battery LifeApprox. 25 hours for 20 mA DC output (with a load of 5 V)
When generating a signal continuously on alkaline batteries
Approx. 50 hours for 5 V DC output (with a load of 10k? or greater) When generating a signal continuously on alkaline batteries

Automatic Power-OffApprox. 10 minutes (Can be canceled by DIP switch setting)

Generation Signal Level SettingBy four-digit up/down keys

Response of GeneratorApprox. 1 second (from when the output begins to change until when the output level falls within the specified accuracy)

Maximum Allowable30 VDC or less between each terminal and ground

Measurement DisplayApprox. 1 update/sec.

Update interval Display7 segments LCD

Operating Temperature/Humidity Range0 to 50°C and 20 to 85%RH (no condensation)

Storage Temperature/Humidity Range-20 to 50°C and 90%RH or less (no condensation)

DimensionsApprox. 192 (W) x 92 (H) x 42 x (D) mm (Excluding protrusions)

Width192 mm

Height92 mm

Thickness42 mm

WeightApprox. 440 g (including batteries)

Additional FeaturesComplete Protection (CA11E)
Dip Switches (inside battery compartment)
Longer Lead Cables
Rubber Boot
Runs on 1.5 V AA-size Batteries or AC Adapter
Simple and Easy Calibration



Panel Designs Common to Both Models

Power Switch

Up/Down Keys

Used to set the output signal level. A pair of up/down keys is conveniently located immediately below each digit in the LCD panel.

Output On/Off Switch
(Output signal can set ON/OFF)

Range Selection Rotary Switch
The rotary switch simplifies range selection: just leave the switch set to the most frequently used range.

Dip Switches (inside battery compartment)

1Sweep functionSweep function -offThe built-in RJC is on.External RJC is on
232 s16 s°F°C

4Automatic power-off
is disabled.
Automatic power-offAutomatic power-off 
is disabled.
Automatic power-off