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  • Rockwell  Pico System

Rockwell Pico System

2015-06-26 12:04:20


Pico System The Pico™ family of programmable logic controllers offers a practical solution that is easy on your budget. The standard Pico controllers are small, simple and flexible. They fit a wide variety of applications. The PicoGFX™ controllers offer graphical, multi-function displays and options for inter-connectivity. These controllers lead the Pico controller family in flexibility and capability.……

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Siemens 6ES7215-1AF40-0XB0 CPU 1215 FC SIMATIC S7-1200F

Siemens 6ES7215-1AF40-0XB0 CPU 1215 FC SIMATIC S7-1200F available at HKXYTECH. Get in touch today for a quick price.

Emerson TREXLFPKLWS3S AMS Trex device communicator

Emerson TREXLFPKLWS3S AMS Trex device communicator. HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus applications, ATEX, CSA US/Canada and IECEx intrinsically safe, Wireless, Standard support 3 year, Carrying Case

Emerson TREXLHPKLWS1S AMS Trex device communicator

Emerson TREXLHPKLWS1S AMS Trex device communicator. HART Application, ATEX, CSA US/Canada and IECEx intrinsically safe, Wireless, Standard support 1 year, Carrying Case.

ABB CI854BK01 3BSE069449R1 PROFIBUS-DP/V1 interface

Package including: CI854 Communication Interface and TP854 Baseplate




  • Flexible installation

  • Easier programming

  • Expanded control with simple HMI

  • Inter-connectivity among PicoGFX™ controllers via Pico-Link network

  • Modularity

  • Increased capacity available through expansion I/O modules

  • User-friendly, intuitive programming software

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Pico Controllers

Bulletin 1760 Pico™ Programmable Logic Controllers and PicoGFX™ controllers are small, simple and flexible. They are ideal for relay replacement applications and applications where cost is a primary issue. These controllers let you program via built-in keypad, built-in LCD panel and programming software. With these controllers as the foundation of your system, you can increase your capacity through Pico expansion I/O modules and gain additional capabilities through remote controller units.

Pico Controllers

Pico Expansion I/O Modules

Our Bulletin 1760 Pico™ Expansion I/O Chassis-based Modules provide you with flexible choices to expand your Pico controller. You can add the extra I/O count necessary for a variety of applications. Expansion modules are compatible with all of the PicoGFX™ controllers, as well as many of the standard Pico controllers.

Pico Expansion I/O Modules

PicoSoft Software

Our Bulletin 1760 PicoSoft Software for Programmable Logic Controllers lets you create, save, simulate, document, and transfer Pico™ circuit diagrams to a Pico controller. You can activate a status display of the running circuit diagram and display the parameters of all function relays used. Built-in simulation capabilities let you test the validity of your program before you download it to the Pico controller. PicoSoft Pro programming software offers additional functionality and programming ease for your PicoGFX™ controllers. This software is backward-compatible with standard Pico controllers and lets you establish communication between your PC and your controller.

PicoSoft Software


The 1760-DNET Pico™ DeviceNet™ module lets your Pico controller operate as a slave device on the DeviceNet network.


Power Supplies

Standard Pico™ controllers and PicoGFX™ controllers require 24V DC power supplies.

Power Supplies


Pico Controller Brochure1760-BR001EN
Pico Controller Product Profile1760-PP001ENESFRITPT
PicoGFX Product Profile1760-PP002EN
Pico and PicoGFX Programmable Controllers Selection Guide1760-SG001EN
Pico Controller User Manual1760-UM001EN
PicoGFX Controllers User Manual1760-UM002EN
More Pico Controller publications in Literature LibraryAll Languages


Our Pico™ and PicoGFX™ controllers support the following applications:

  • Agricultural

  • Commercial lighting

  • Fans

  • HVAC systems

  • Machine control

  • Packaging and material handling

  • Pumps

  • Vessel control

In addition, you can use the PicoGFX for control functions including:

  • Speed and valve control

  • Employing new math instructions

  • Embedded analog inputs and output