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  • ABB HDS65-0102ARKNN Servo Motor HDS Series

ABB HDS65-0102ARKNN Servo Motor HDS Series

2018-08-07 14:53:50




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ABB HDS65-0102ARKNN Servo Motor HDS Series


General Information

Global Commercial Alias : HDS65-0102ARKNN

Product ID : 7BHDS65-0102ARKNN

ABB Type Designation : HDS65-0102ARKNN,RESOLVER,KEY

Catalog Description : No Description Available

Additional Information

ABB Type Designation : HDS65-0102ARKNN,RESOLVER,KEY

Country of Origin : China (CN) United States (US)

Customs Tariff Number : 85015100

Global Commercial Alias : HDS65-0102ARKNN

Gross Weight : 1.75 kg

Made To Order : No

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 piece

Order Multiple : 1 piece

Product Name : HDS Servo Motor

Product Net Height : 0 cm

Product Net Length : 0 cm

Product Net Weight : 1.4 kg

Product Net Width : 0 cm

Product Type : Undefined

Quote Only : No

Selling Unit of Measure : piece


Similar model codes for your reference :

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