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  • weidmueller Modular feed-through terminals WDU series

weidmueller Modular feed-through terminals WDU series

2016-06-30 23:31:49


The versatile and extensive range of products - from 0.05 mm² to 300 mm² - means that you have diverse options for your applications at your disposal. Hardened steel for mechanical strength and high-quality tinned copper for optimum conductivity. All materials comply with RoHS requirements and have been tested to current environment guidelines.……

Brand new and Orginal .MOQ:5-50pics. Original Packing

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The W-series offers solutions for conductor cross-sections from 0.05 to 300 mm² and for all common electrical functions (connecting, protecting, disconnecting, measuring, etc.)..

weidmueller Modular feed-through terminals W-Standard
TypeOrder No.

WDU 1.5/ZZ1031400000WDU 1.5/ZZ BL1031480000

WDU2.51020000000WDU 2.5 BL1020080000WDU 2.5 OR1020060000WDU 2.5 PA/VI1037700000 WDU 2.5 R
WDU 2.5 SW1020010000WDU 2.5 WS1036800000WDU 2.5 HV1412950000WDU 2.5/10 BEZ/NE1020800000WDU 2.5/1.5/ZR1024700000
WDU 2.5/1.5/ZR BL1024780000WDU 2.5/1.5/ZR RT1833830000WDU 2.5/1.5/ZR SW1833840000WDU 2.5 BR1037710000WDU 2.5 GE1020020000
WDU 2.5 GN1020090000

WDU 41020100000WDU 4 BL1020180000WDU 4 BR1037810000WDU 4 GE1020120000WDU 4 GE/SW1020190000
WDU 4 GN1020160000WDU 4 GR1037800000WDU 4 HV1412960000WDU 4 OR1036760000WDU 4 RT1020140000
WDU 4 SW1020110000WDU 4 WS1036700000WDU 4/101021000000WDU 4/10/BEZ1020900000WDU 4/ZR1905140000
WDU 4/ZZ1905060000WDU 4/ZZ BL1114720000

WDU 2.5 GN1020090000

WDU 61020200000WDU 6 BL1020280000WDU 6 CUN1025200000WDU 6 GN1020290000WDU 6 GR1039600000
WDU 6 HV1412970000WDU 6 OR1020260000WDU 6 RT1020240000WDU 6 SW1020210000WDU 4 PA/VI1037820000

WDU101020300000WDU BL1020380000WDU 10 GE1833350000WDU 10 GN1833340000WDU 10 OR1020360000
WDU 10 RT1020340000WDU 10 SW1020310000WDU 10 WS1833380000WDU 10/ZR1042400000WDU 10/ZR BL1042480000

WDU161020400000WDU 16 BL1020480000WDU 16 GE/SW2000040000WDU 16/ZA1028900000WDU 16/ZA BL1028980000

WDU351020500000WDU35 BL1020580000WDU 35 GE/SW2000060000WDU35 RT1298080000WDU35 SW1020510000
WDU35/IK1020600000WDU35/IK BL1020680000WDU35/IK/ZA1029000000WDU35/ZA1028800000WDU35/ZA BL1028880000

WDU70/951024600000WDU70/95 BL1024680000WDU70/95 BL1024650000WDU70/95/31026700000WDU70/95/5N1032300000

WDU 120/1501024500000WDU 120/150 BL1024580000WDU 120/150 HG1024550000WDU 120/150/51026600000WDU 120/150/5 N1032400000
WDU 2401802780000WDU 240 BL1822210000

weidmueller Modular feed-through terminals