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  • YOKOGAWA Emergency Shut Down

YOKOGAWA Emergency Shut Down

2016-06-14 20:47:11


SAI143 SAV144 SAI533 SAT145 SDV144 SDV531 SDV541 SDV521 SDV526 Our expertise covers all major applications such as ESD (Emergency Shut Down), F&G or FGS (Fire and Gas Systems), BMS (Burner or Boiler Management Systems) as well as HIPPS or HIPS (High Integrity (Pipeline) Protection Systems)..……

I/O Module Place of Origin: Japan,Yokogawa original packing, by carton

New Products

Siemens 6DL1193-6TP00-0DH1 SIMATIC ET 200SP HA

Siemens 6DL1193-6TP00-0DH1 SIMATIC ET 200SP HA, Terminal block, Type H1, 32 push-in terminals, internal reference temperature New load group, width: 22.5 mm.

Siemens 6DL1193-6TP00-0BH1 SIMATIC ET 200SP HA

Siemens 6DL1193-6TP00-0BH1 SIMATIC ET 200SP HA, Terminal block, Type H1, 32 push-in terminals, internal reference temperature Width: 22.5 mm.

Siemens 6DL1193-6GC00-0NN0 SIMATIC ET 200SP HA

Siemens 6DL1193-6GC00-0NN0 SIMATIC ET 200SP HA, carrier module 8-fold carrier for holding 8 I/O modules of the ET 200SP HA.

Siemens 6DL1193-6GA00-0NN0 SIMATIC ET 200SP HA

Siemens 6DL1193-6GA00-0NN0 SIMATIC ET 200SP HA, carrier module 2-fold carrier for holding 2 I/O modules of the ET 200SP HA.



YOKOGAWA ESD Safety Instrumented System (SIS)

SAI143 SAV144 SAI533 SAT145 SDV144 SDV531 SDV541 SDV521 SDV526

n HART communication


Analog I/O module with HART communication on ProSafe-RS allows Plant Resource Manager (PRM) to manage the HART communication devices connected to input and output modules on SCS. Also, the analog output module allows PRM client to conduct Partial Stroke Test (PST) on HART-supported valve positioner equipped with the PST function.


The HART communication functions on ProSafe-RS are interference-free and have no impact on the safety functions on SCS.


Figure Example of the HART Communication Function System Configuration


Specify the model and suffix codes.

For selecting the right products for explosion protection, please refer to TI 32S01J30-01E without fail.

SAI143 Analog Input Module (4 to 20 mA, 16-channel, module isolation)

SAI143-S53/A4S00 , SAI143-S53/A4S10 , SAI143-S53/A4D00 , SAI143-S53/A4D10 ,SAI143-S53/PRP, SAI143-S53/CCC01

SAI143-S63/A4S00 , SAI143-S63/A4S10 , SAI143-S63/A4D00 , SAI143-S63/A4D10 ,SAI143-S63/PRP, SAI143-S63/CCC01

SAI143-SE3/A4S00 , SAI143-SE3/A4S10 , SAI143-SE3/A4D00 , SAI143-SE3/A4D10 ,SAI143-SE3/PRP, SAI143-SE3/CCC01

SAI143-SF3/A4S00 , SAI143-SF3/A4S10 , SAI143-SF3/A4D00 , SAI143-SF3/A4D10 ,SAI143-SF3/PRP, SAI143-SF3/CCC01

SAI143-S5C/A4S00 , SAI143-S5C/A4S10 , SAI143-S5C/A4D00 , SAI143-S5C/A4D10 ,SAI143-S5C/PRP, SAI143-S5C/CCC01

SAI143-S6C/A4S00 , SAI143-S6C/A4S10 , SAI143-S6C/A4D00 , SAI143-S6C/A4D10 ,SAI143-S6C/PRP, SAI143-S6C/CCC01

SAI143-SEC/A4S00 , SAI143-SEC/A4S10 , SAI143-SEC/A4D00 , SAI143-SEC/A4D10 ,SAI143-SEC/PRP, SAI143-SEC/CCC01

SAI143-SFC/A4S00 , SAI143-SFC/A4S10 , SAI143-SFC/A4D00 , SAI143-SFC/A4D10 ,SAI143-SFC/PRP, SAI143-SFC/CCC01


SAI143-H53/A4S00 , SAI143-H53/A4S10 , SAI143-H53/A4D00 , SAI143-H53/A4D10 ,SAI143-H53/PRP, SAI143-H53/CCC01

SAI143-H63/A4S00 , SAI143-H63/A4S10 , SAI143-H63/A4D00 , SAI143-H63/A4D10 ,SAI143-H63/PRP, SAI143-H63/CCC01

SAI143-HE3/A4S00 , SAI143-HE3/A4S10 , SAI143-HE3/A4D00 , SAI143-HE3/A4D10 ,SAI143-HE3/PRP, SAI143-HE3/CCC01

SAI143-HF3/A4S00 , SAI143-HF3/A4S10 , SAI143-HF3/A4D00 , SAI143-HF3/A4D10 ,SAI143-HF3/PRP, SAI143-HF3/CCC01

SAI143-H5C/A4S00 , SAI143-H5C/A4S10 , SAI143-H5C/A4D00 , SAI143-H5C/A4D10 ,SAI143-H5C/PRP, SAI143-H5C/CCC01

SAI143-H6C/A4S00 , SAI143-H6C/A4S10 , SAI143-H6C/A4D00 , SAI143-H6C/A4D10 ,SAI143-H6C/PRP, SAI143-H6C/CCC01

SAI143-HEC/A4S00 , SAI143-HEC/A4S10 , SAI143-HEC/A4D00 , SAI143-HEC/A4D10 ,SAI143-HEC/PRP, SAI143-HEC/CCC01

SAI143-HFC/A4S00 , SAI143-HFC/A4S10 , SAI143-HFC/A4D00 , SAI143-HFC/A4D10 ,SAI143-HFC/PRP, SAI143-HFC/CCC01


(Emergency Shut Down), F&G or FGS (Fire and Gas Systems), BMS (Burner or Boiler Management Systems) as well as HIPPS or HIPS (High Integrity (Pipeline) Protection Systems 


SAV144 Analog input module (1 to 5 V/1 to 10 V, 16-channel, module isolation)


SAV144-S53/A4S00, SAV144-S53/A4S10, SAV144-S53/A4D00, SAV144-S53/A4D10,SAV144-S53/PRP SAV144-S53/CCC01

SAV144-S63/A4S00, SAV144-S63/A4S10, SAV144-S63/A4D00, SAV144-S63/A4D10,SAV144-S63/PRP SAV144-S63/CCC01

SAV144-SE3/A4S00, SAV144-SE3/A4S10, SAV144-SE3/A4D00, SAV144-SE3/A4D10,SAV144-SE3/PRP SAV144-SE3/CCC01

SAV144-SF3/A4S00, SAV144-SF3/A4S10, SAV144-SF3/A4D00, SAV144-SF3/A4D10,SAV144-SF3/PRP SAV144-SF3/CCC01


SAI533  Analog Output Module (4 to 20 mA, 8-channel, module isolation)

SAI533-H53/A4S00, SAI533-H53/A4S10, SAI533-H53/A4D00, SAI533-H53/A4D10,SAI533-H53/PRP SAI533-H53/CCC01

SAI533-H63/A4S00, SAI533-H63/A4S10, SAI533-H63/A4D00, SAI533-H63/A4D10,SAI533-H63/PRP SAI533-H63/CCC01

SAI533-HE3/A4S00, SAI533-HE3/A4S10, SAI533-HE3/A4D00, SAI533-HE3/A4D10,SAI533-HE3/PRP SAI533-HE3/CCC01

SAI533-HF3/A4S00, SAI533-HF3/A4S10, SAI533-HF3/A4D00, SAI533-HF3/A4D10,SAI533-HF3/PRP SAI533-HF3/CCC01



SAT145 TC/mV Input Module (16-channel, Isolated Channels)

SAT145-S63 ,SAT145-S63/PRP, SAT145-SF3/PRP


SAR145  RTD Input Module (16-channel, Isolated Channels)

SAR145-S63 ,SAR145-S63/PRP, SAR145-SF3/PRP



SDV144 Digital Input Module (16-channel, 24 V DC, module isolation)

SDV144-S53/B4S00 , SDV144-S53/B4S10 , SDV144-S53/B4D00 , SDV144-S53/B4D10 ,SDV144-S53/PRP, SDV144-S53/CCC01 , SDV144-S53/CCC02

SDV144-S63/B4S00 , SDV144-S63/B4S10 , SDV144-S63/B4D00 , SDV144-S63/B4D10 ,SDV144-S63/PRP, SDV144-S63/CCC01 , SDV144-S63/CCC02

SDV144-SE3/B4S00 , SDV144-SE3/B4S10 , SDV144-SE3/B4D00 , SDV144-SE3/B4D10 ,SDV144-SE3/PRP, SDV144-SE3/CCC01, SDV144-SE3/CCC02

SDV144-SF3/B4S00 , SDV144-SF3/B4S10 , SDV144-SF3/B4D00 , SDV144-SF3/B4D10 ,SDV144-SF3/PRP, SDV144-SF3/CCC01, SDV144-SF3/CCC02

SDV144-S5C/B4S00 , SDV144-S5C/B4S10 , SDV144-S5C/B4D00 , SDV144-S5C/B4D10 ,SDV144-S5C/PRP, SDV144-S5C/CCC01, SDV144-S5C/CCC02

SDV144-S6C/B4S00 , SDV144-S6C/B4S10 , SDV144-S6C/B4D00 , SDV144-S6C/B4D10 ,SDV144-S6C/PRP, SDV144-S6C/CCC01, SDV144-S6C/CCC01

SDV144-SEC/B4S00 , SDV144-SEC/B4S10 , SDV144-SEC/B4D00 , SDV144-SEC/B4D10 ,SDV144-SEC/PRP, SDV144-SEC/CCC01, SDV144-SEC/CCC02

SDV144-SFC/B4S00 , SDV144-SFC/B4S10 , SDV144-SFC/B4D00 , SDV144-SFC/B4D10 ,SDV144-SFC/PRP, SDV144-SFC/CCC01, SDV144-SFC/CCC02



SDV531 Digital output module (8-channel, 24 V DC, module isolation)

SDV531-S53/B4S00 , SDV531-S53/B4S10 , SDV531-S53/B4D00 , SDV531-S53/B4D10 ,SDV531-S53/PRP, SDV531-S53/CCC01 , SDV531-S53/CCC02

SDV531-S63/B4S00 , SDV531-S63/B4S10 , SDV531-S63/B4D00 , SDV531-S63/B4D10 ,SDV531-S63/PRP, SDV531-S63/CCC01 , SDV531-S63/CCC02

SDV531-SE3/B4S00 , SDV531-SE3/B4S10 , SDV531-SE3/B4D00 , SDV531-SE3/B4D10 ,SDV531-SE3/PRP, SDV531-SE3/CCC01, SDV531-SE3/CCC02

SDV531-SF3/B4S00 , SDV531-SF3/B4S10 , SDV531-SF3/B4D00 , SDV531-SF3/B4D10 ,SDV531-SF3/PRP, SDV531-SF3/CCC01, SDV531-SF3/CCC02

SDV531-S5C/B4S00 , SDV531-S5C/B4S10 , SDV531-S5C/B4D00 , SDV531-S5C/B4D10 ,SDV531-S5C/PRP, SDV531-S5C/CCC01, SDV531-S5C/CCC02

SDV531-S6C/B4S00 , SDV531-S6C/B4S10 , SDV531-S6C/B4D00 , SDV531-S6C/B4D10 ,SDV531-S6C/PRP, SDV531-S6C/CCC01, SDV531-S6C/CCC01

SDV531-SEC/B4S00 , SDV531-SEC/B4S10 , SDV531-SEC/B4D00 , SDV531-SEC/B4D10 ,SDV531-SEC/PRP, SDV531-SEC/CCC01, SDV531-SEC/CCC02

SDV531-SFC/B4S00 , SDV531-SFC/B4S10 , SDV531-SFC/B4D00 , SDV531-SFC/B4D10 ,SDV531-SFC/PRP, SDV531-SFC/CCC01, SDV531-SFC/CCC02


SDV531-L53/B4S00 , SDV531-L53/B4S10 , SDV531-L53/B4D00 , SDV531-L53/B4D10 ,SDV531-L53/PRP, SDV531-L53/CCC01 , SDV531-L53/CCC02

SDV531-L63/B4S00 , SDV531-L63/B4S10 , SDV531-L63/B4D00 , SDV531-L63/B4D10 ,SDV531-L63/PRP, SDV531-L63/CCC01 , SDV531-L63/CCC02

SDV531-LE3/B4S00 , SDV531-LE3/B4S10 , SDV531-LE3/B4D00 , SDV531-LE3/B4D10 ,SDV531-LE3/PRP, SDV531-LE3/CCC01, SDV531-LE3/CCC02

SDV531-LF3/B4S00 , SDV531-LF3/B4S10 , SDV531-LF3/B4D00 , SDV531-LF3/B4D10 ,SDV531-LF3/PRP, SDV531-LF3/CCC01, SDV531-LF3/CCC02

SDV531-L5C/B4S00 , SDV531-L5C/B4S10 , SDV531-L5C/B4D00 , SDV531-L5C/B4D10 ,SDV531-L5C/PRP, SDV531-L5C/CCC01, SDV531-L5C/CCC02

SDV531-L6C/B4S00 , SDV531-L6C/B4S10 , SDV531-L6C/B4D00 , SDV531-L6C/B4D10 ,SDV531-L6C/PRP, SDV531-L6C/CCC01, SDV531-L6C/CCC01

SDV531-LEC/B4S00 , SDV531-LEC/B4S10 , SDV531-LEC/B4D00 , SDV531-LEC/B4D10 ,SDV531-LEC/PRP, SDV531-LEC/CCC01, SDV531-LEC/CCC02

SDV531-LFC/B4S00 , SDV531-LFC/B4S10 , SDV531-LFC/B4D00 , SDV531-LFC/B4D10 ,SDV531-LFC/PRP, SDV531-LFC/CCC01, SDV531-LFC/CCC02




SDV541  Digital Output Module (16-channel, 24 V DC, module isolation)

SDV541-S53/B4S00 , SDV541-S53/B4S10 , SDV541-S53/B4D00 , SDV541-S53/B4D10 ,SDV541-S53/PRP, SDV541-S53/CCC01 , SDV541-S53/CCC02

SDV541-S63/B4S00 , SDV541-S63/B4S10 , SDV541-S63/B4D00 , SDV541-S63/B4D10 ,SDV541-S63/PRP, SDV541-S63/CCC01 , SDV541-S63/CCC02

SDV541-SE3/B4S00 , SDV541-SE3/B4S10 , SDV541-SE3/B4D00 , SDV541-SE3/B4D10 ,SDV541-SE3/PRP, SDV541-SE3/CCC01, SDV541-SE3/CCC02

SDV541-SF3/B4S00 , SDV541-SF3/B4S10 , SDV541-SF3/B4D00 , SDV541-SF3/B4D10 ,SDV541-SF3/PRP, SDV541-SF3/CCC01, SDV541-SF3/CCC02

SDV541-S5C/B4S00 , SDV541-S5C/B4S10 , SDV541-S5C/B4D00 , SDV541-S5C/B4D10 ,SDV541-S5C/PRP, SDV541-S5C/CCC01, SDV541-S5C/CCC02

SDV541-S6C/B4S00 , SDV541-S6C/B4S10 , SDV541-S6C/B4D00 , SDV541-S6C/B4D10 ,SDV541-S6C/PRP, SDV541-S6C/CCC01, SDV541-S6C/CCC01

SDV541-SEC/B4S00 , SDV541-SEC/B4S10 , SDV541-SEC/B4D00 , SDV541-SEC/B4D10 ,SDV541-SEC/PRP, SDV541-SEC/CCC01, SDV541-SEC/CCC02

SDV541-SFC/B4S00 , SDV541-SFC/B4S10 , SDV541-SFC/B4D00 , SDV541-SFC/B4D10 ,SDV541-SFC/PRP, SDV541-SFC/CCC01, SDV541-SFC/CCC02



SDV521- Digital Output Module (4-channel, 24 V DC/2 A, module isolation)










SDV526  Digital Output Module (4-channel, module isolation)



SDV53A Digital Output Module (8-channel, 48 V DC, module isolation)






SCB100 Wiring Check Adapter for Digital Input (for defective open circuit detection while accepting off signalswith ISA Standard G3)



SCB110 Wiring Check Adapter for Digital Input (for defective short-circuited detection while accepting on signalswith ISA Standard G3)


Yokogawa ESB Bus Coupler Module SEC401-11





UT35A-000-11-00/LP, UT35A-000-11-00/HA, UT35A-000-11-00/DC, UT35A-000-11-00/CT

UT35A-010-11-00/LP, UT35A-010-11-00/HA, UT35A-010-11-00/DC, UT35A-010-11-00/CT

UT35A-000-11-00/LP, UT35A-000-11-00/HA, UT35A-000-11-00/DC, UT35A-000-11-00/CT


safety instrumented control system  

safety quality control system